Taking Inventory

3 Steps to Building a Successful Revenue Stream – Step 1: Take Inventory


Ahh, here we are at the start of another New Year, with a “New year, New me” attitude. Other quotes I’m hearing are “This is my year”, “Going to live the dream in 2018”. We’re amped and ready with the best intentions on making it the most successful ever. But have we done the prep work for success to be a reality? Even more so do we have the right tools or processes in place to maintain success?

It’s okay if “no” is the answer right now. That means you’re starting with a clean slate. Perfect ground to build on.

Before spending tons of money on software, equipment, classes or other resources, take inventory of what you already have. One of my common sayings is “Look at what’s in your hands”. You may be surprised at what’s already in your arsenal that you can use right now to set success in motion.

Ask yourself three questions: What do I know how to do well? What are some things I’ve already produced? and What teachable moments have I experienced?

Pull out a notepad (or your favorite speech-to-text tool like I prefer to use), and jot your answers down in these three categories. Or you can download this inventory sheet.

Things you do well could be:

Teaching and training, having specialized skills in photography, nutrition development, designing, etc., wellness and care taking, writing – music or prose, and so forth.

Things you’ve already produced could be:

Books you’ve written, music you’ve produced, nutritional plans, exercise routines, health care or beauty products, case studies, and so on.

Teachable moments could be:

Lessons on copyrighting your work, missed networking opportunities, under pricing, not doing enough research, lack of time management, and I’m sure the list can go on.

Once you start writing you’ll surprise yourself at how much “inventory” you have. Don’t rush this part. Take a few days or a week to pull this together. It will come in handy for the next step.

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