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For over 15 years we’ve partnered with businesses, organizations, non-profits, artists, service providers and entrepreneurs to help them establish an online presence and commanding voice in their respective industries. We provide solutions through email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, lead generation, audience building, and web design. We’d love to partner with you to help your business thrive in today’s marketplace.

Constant Contact Certified for 2020-2021

Constant Contact All Star 2009 LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer

Marketing Services

one-on-one business coaching sessions

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Beverly Brister

Grow your business by getting a better understanding of digital marketing strategies that work. Learn how to effectively use social media, email marketing, and Google Listings with Beverly Brister. A 20+ year veteran of digital marketing and social media.

If you don’t see a topic here that fits your needs, schedule a General Exploratory Session to discuss how we can serve you.

All sessions are done virtually through Zoom.

New Instagram Sessions

Instagram Story Hacks – Part 1 Stickers = $49
(30-minute session)
Learn how to use and implement Instagram’s latest stickers:

  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Countdown clock
  • Location
  • Mention

Instagram Story Hacks – Part 2 Resources = $49
(30-minute session)
Learn how to use Instagram’s small business resource stickers and tricks with fonts:

  • Donations sticker
  • Gift Cards sticker
  • Shop Small Business sticker
  • Creating rainbow text
  • Adding multiple font styles to your story

Instagram Story Hacks – Part 3 Multi-Images = $49
(30-minute session)
Adding Multiple Images

  • Learn how to add multiple images to your story
  • Learn how to keep the same image background throughout your story while showing different text and content for each frame

Instagram Video: IGTV = $49
(30-minute session)

  • Learn the basic requirements for IGTV video
  • Uploading long-form video
  • Learn how to create a video series

New Facebook Sessions

Facebook Hacks – Analytics = $49
(30-minute session)
Learn all about your followers

  • Learn how to read and interpret your Facebook Insights
  • Learn the difference between who follows you and the people you reach
  • Learn how to use this knowledge to determine your target audience

Facebook Hacks – Scheduling = $49
(30-minute session)
Use Facebook’s built-in scheduling tool for your posts

  • Learn how to set up a post in Draft mode
  • Learn how to schedule multiple posts
  • Learn how to backdate content

Facebook Hacks – Creating Offers = $49
(30-minute session)
Create special offers and deals to your audience

  • Learn how to add Offers to your page
  • Learn how to set up deals with dollars off, BOGO, or a percent

1-on-1 Google My Business Setup = $99
(60-minute session – introductory price)

1-on-1 coaching session to help you enhance your Google My Business Listing to attract new customers. You will learn:

  • What information to list and how to set it up properly
  • How to add your products and services
  • How to add photos and video
  • Adding company updates, special offers, and events
  • How to respond to reviews and customer requests

1-on-1 Social Media Promotion Basics = $59
(45-minute session – introductory price)

What you will learn:

  • Overview of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms
  • Proper image sizes
  • Hashtag usage
  • Tagging vs. Mentioning
  • Use of video & limitations
  • Stories overview

Sessions are online meetings through Zoom.

Constant Contact Product Tour = $99
(60-minute session – introductory price)

** Purchase an Email or Email Plus plan and this session is free!

Get a 1-on-1 walk-through of all the main features of Constant Contact. The tool that provides all the online tools, expert support, and marketing advice you need to build your brand and grow your business.

Learn about the features:

  • Website builder (with logo maker)
  • Customizable templates
  • Social Media tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Shopify and WooCommerce Integration
  • Run Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads right from your dashboard
  • List growth tools for Facebook, in person, by text, and your website
  • Free mobile app
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Coupons
  • Online Donations
  • Special offer available at the end

Sessions are online meetings through Zoom.

Business Exploratory Private Coaching Session = $69
(60-minute session – introductory price)

This session can be used to discuss your business goals and determine the best course of action such as:

  • Getting started with lead generation
  • How to utilize social media to grow your audience and brand awareness
  • Advertising on social media
  • Other business growth/development topics
Social Media Marketing Packages

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing packages tailored to your business. Choose from in-depth strategy sessions to monthly management of your social posts.

Social Media Strategy Development = $350
(60-minute zoom session)

In-depth consultation regarding your business goals for social media. As a result, we will determine the best course of action based on these goals and provide you with an action plan.

Your plan will include:

  • The type of content to promote
  • Determine the frequency and social platforms to use
  • Will research the best hashtags to use and provide you with a list
  • Suggested ad buys for each social network

Social Media Management – Content Provided

Monthly social media management with CONTENT PROVIDED BY THE CLIENT:

  • Optimize content provided to be concise and social media ready
  • Hashtag optimization for each post
  • Post up to 5 entries a week as provided by the client
  • Scheduling of posts for each 30-day period
  • Monthly analytics reporting for each social network used
Select your option

Social Media Management – Content Development

Monthly social media management with CONTENT DEVELOPED BY BEVERLY’S WEBSHOP

  • Ideation of new contests, sweepstakes, giveaways or promotions to post
  • Creation of engaging posts and other content for the month including any promotions as listed above
  • Content review and approval by client required before posting

Includes all standard services from the other package:

  • Hashtag optimization for each post
  • Create up to 5 entries a week
  • Scheduling of posts for each 30-day period
  • Monthly analytics reporting for each social network used.
Select your option

Need more individualized help for your business? Check out our 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions.

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing with Constant Contact

Constant Contact
Constant Contact provides everything you need to build your brand, all in one place

Online tools, expert support, and marketing advice you need to build your brand and grow your business.

Website Builder
Create your own website in minutes with our awesome Website Builder. Just pick a template, choose a domain, and publish.

Customizable Email Templates
Quickly create beautiful, branded, and mobile-responsive emails that will wow on any device.

Social Media Tools
Get connected to new audiences and attract new customers with Instagram and Facebook ads.

List Building Tools
Drive more traffic to your site with Google Ads, or grow your list with website sign-up forms, lead generation landing pages, text-to-join, Facebook
lead ads and more.

Advanced Features & Integrations
Drive engagement and results with subject line testing, automated email series, and behavioral segmentation to deliver personalized content. Plus sync with other best in class platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Eventbrite to do even more.

Real-time Reporting
Review email results, website performance, and traffic results quickly to see what is working and improve your marketing strategy.

Support at every step.
As a Constant Contact Partner, I can be with you every step of the way and help you get started fast.

Plans starting at $20/mo.

No credit card required!

Need to get up and running quickly?
We can set up your account for you!

Constant Contact Account Setup = $199
Setting up the features needed to get your account up and running

  • Enter all contact information, industry, and verify email addresses
  • List upload and segmentation (based on available data)
  • Prepare your branded list-growth tools: pop-up form and HTML code for self-installation, welcome email, text-to-join flyer, and Facebook Join My List app
  • Setup a custom branded template with your company logo and colors

Web Design

Web Design Services

At Beverly’s Webshop, we get to know you and your company to understand just how unique you are to determine the best way you and your brand should be represented on the Web. A good design is really important for many things like business, find the best Graphic Design agency to improve how everyone sees your work!

Every site is customized to your specific needs, functionality requirements and goals.  We design with you in mind so there are no cookie-cutter packages here!

Take a look at some of our work:

Customized WordPress Websites:




Online Retailers

Articles from the BW Wire

Helpful and informative articles from our blog.

How to reach customers that are off the grid

How to Reach Customers that are Off The Grid

Connecting with customers who are not digitally connected.

In this day and age life is all about staying connected. Whether through social media, live streams, video conferencing, emails, and every other digital means of communication. But no matter how much technology advances, there always seems to be a faction of people, albeit small, who don’t subscribe to these mediums. Many by choice and others, unfortunately, due to lack of means.

This was brought to my attention from a survey I ran of my audience earlier this year. The question arose, how do you reach a customer base who’s simply not digitally connected? An area I never gave much thought to until now.

If they continue to be your customers, there’s still hope.

Good old fashioned customer service will be your starting point.

Before I changed careers and worked in retail management, I was taught to service the customer from the door to the register. When done right, they rarely left empty-handed. That means you have the perfect opportunity to get to know your customers on a personal level. Find out their preferences, dislikes, what piques their interests, and their wish lists.

Go retro and start a file on them and study it for the next encounter. Surprise them with the right resources as the answer to their quests when they come around again. They’ll appreciate how much you’ve listened to them when they reward you with loyalty.

Work the phones

They may be off the digital grid but chances are they have a phone. It may seem dated and possibly awkward at first but periodically call them when you have something going on they find of interest.

Subscribe to an SMS service that allows you to broadcast text messages (bulk sends) to get regular messages out.

Setup a robocall system to also broadcast important reminders, upcoming events, and special offers. If they hear your voice they’re more likely to listen to it all the way through.

Paper will be your friend

Put some money towards professionally printed flyers or postcards promoting your products, services, and events to hand out or use as bag stuffers.

There may be a plug after all

If they have a smartphone you can connect with them through email. This is where you may have to build your patience. If it’s new to them, take the time to show them how they can get a Gmail account and download the app to start receiving email.

Each of these ideas will make you hustle, but it shouldn’t be a stretch since hustling for your business is what you do anyway. If nothing else you’ll gain a loyal, active audience that withstands the constant changes of the digital marketplace.

Selling without Selling

Selling Without Selling

Educating your customers while creating demand

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a car dealership. You mentally prepare yourself to be confronted by a salesperson from the parking lot. In some cases, you can see them swarming around you trying to work their mojo.

From the sales manager, finance manager to the assistants, it’s not always the most comfortable feeling. By the end of the deal when you drive off, you may have second thoughts on if you made the best decision. You shouldn’t have to feel that way after making such a major investment.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want your clients to experience buyer’s remorse either, nor for you to second guess if you’ve pushed too hard. So when it comes to selling your products and services, you can change the game while growing a loyal customer base.

Match your solutions to your clients’ problems

If you lead with exactly how your resources will solve specific problems your clients are having, you get their attention right away.

Walk them through at least one of your solutions and detail all the ways it will eliminate their stumbling blocks. Follow it up with other benefits they’ll get by working with you. This helps them see you as a subject matter expert.

Speaking of benefits

Who knows better than you about all that your resources can do for your clients? Help them to understand the benefits your solution offers and how they go beyond what your competitors offer. Demand for your solution will start to form.

Let price be the last thing you mention

After walking them through your solutions and they understand how it benefits them, they should be at a place where they can’t see moving forward without it. Introducing price now should be nothing more than a formality as they come to see it’s a much-needed investment.

Creating FOMO doesn’t hurt either (Fear of Missing Out)

You don’t mind if the client needs to look things over more closely, but you also want to move them down the funnel. Create a sense of urgency by setting time limits on your offers. After a fair amount of time, they should be able to come to a decision.

Ahh, a painless sale

By this time the client should feel good about their investment. You feel good not only because you made a sale but because you’ve gained a loyal customer.

Over time, a loyal customer’s value multiplies for you when they become your brand ambassadors, and that’s where your clients become your investment.

The Process

It’s not going to be pretty. It oftentimes doesn’t feel good. It’s time-consuming. It’s overwhelming. It stretches you. Sometimes it knocks you down. Sometimes it draws blood. It’s just plain hard! But it’s necessary to mold you, strengthen you, sharpen you, grow you, and produce that level of success you will achieve after it. You can’t discount it or take shortcuts, otherwise, you shortchange yourself.

Naysayers who counter every part of your process should be disregarded as no one else but you know what’s required. So fight on, continue your path, and stay focused. How sweet the rewards once your process is complete.

– For anyone who needed this.


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“We have received many compliments on the web site you created for Value Hearing Care. You are such a pleasure to work with. Any time we have made changes they have been executed quickly and your charges have been more than fair. I wish all my suppliers conducted their businesses the way you conduct yours. It would certainly be a less stressful and more fulfilling work day.”
Joe Ficarra
Value Hearing Care