Open Mind Shift

The Open Mind Shift

Believing the glass is half full

So much in life is out of our control. That will always be a given. How we deal with this fact can make a world of difference in the outcomes we CAN control.

I’ve come to understand that I’m a natural-born cheerleader with a superpower of finding the good in almost everything. Characteristics that others have pointed out in me. I could be called worse, so I embrace it.

However, navigating life through the cannons of pessimists has become a game of laser tag. Thinking you’re safe until you get zapped. But I’ve lived long enough to understand there are valid reasons for this thought process, so I pass no judgment.

Let me throw out an oldie but goodie; keeping an open mind. Yes, I know you may say “I’ve tried that and got burned,” but let’s approach it a little differently.

The threat – When a newcomer is added to your team with similar skillsets or experience, consider it a partnership. Glean from their knowledge in areas that may not be your strongest while demonstrating your expertise. When it’s go time, let your work show both your leadership and collaboration skills, reminding the bosses why they hired you.

Uncertainty – Whether in the form of potential layoffs, getting the results you want, or everything in between, don’t add history to the equation. Pivot. Imagine the freedom you could have unchained from a job that never capitalized on your skills. Explore uncharted opportunities that look for what you offer.

While waiting for that outcome, develop a plan for moving forward beforehand with two scenarios. That way you’re not thrown off-guard regardless of the results.

Control your narrative – The way you approach a situation is often the first (or only) impression people have of you. Give Debbie Downer and Sad Chad the day off by saying to yourself “What if it goes well.” With practice, your new outlook becomes a habit. A habit that influences positive behavior.

Before you know it, you’re glass is half full.

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