The Power of Listening

The Power of Listening

How to give the people what they want

We’ve often heard the adage “If you build it, they will come” and used it as a mantra. However, when you think about this statement, it’s made with a lot of assumptions.

It assumes the “It” you build is in high demand.

It also assumes “They” or everyone, will come flocking to get it.

Finally, it assumes no one else can build a better “It” so you become the monopoly.

In a perfect world, maybe so. In reality, not so much.

Unless you know how to listen.

For all the skills, knowledge, degrees, expertise, and experience we have, nothing can help us reach our audience better than the audience themselves.

One company comes to mind that made the fatal mistake of not listening, among other errors – Blockbuster.

At its height, Blockbuster had about 9,000 stores in the US and 65 million registered customers. As the tide started to turn towards video-on-demand and digital, they dug their heels in and stuck with the plan. Unwilling to entertain this new direction. Hence, they are no more.

Use them as a cautionary tale before you crank out content you think your audience wants, develop products you think they want to buy or provide solutions you think they will need. Ask yourself:

Have you surveyed your audience recently?

Have you gotten feedback on their experience with your products or services?

Or downright ask them what they want?

When you do, listen.

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