Stop giving the farm away. How to spot revenue leaks.

Stop Giving The Farm Away

How to Spot Revenue Leaks

As a business owner or professional, do you find yourself doing the following?

  • Spending more unpaid time with clients
  • Providing step-by-step instructions just because they asked
  • Providing documentation before they ask for it

One question becomes three. A simple explanation becomes a masterclass. Next thing you know, your time is spent, value is given but you have nothing to show for it. Sounds familiar?

We love our clients but there have to be boundaries. Otherwise, you’re not helping your business to prosper.

Here are some guidelines for monetizing your farm:

  • Set time limits to calls you take for free
  • Set a price for conversations that become consultations
  • Any written plan or process should be packaged
  • Put a very short leash on what you provide for free

Remember, your time and level of expertise have value. Don’t shortchange yourself.


If you put in extended time, effort, thought, skill, or action, it should come with a price.

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