All Money Is Not Good Money

When to Walk Away Or Stay

There are times in business when you have to walk away from the sale. It may not be an easy decision but when conditions aren’t right, it’s the best thing to do.

4 Ways to tell when the money is not worth it:

  1. When your relationship with a client starts contentious. You’re haggling over everything.
  2. The client only buys when you have a big sale. Oftentimes these are clients who don’t understand investment and are always on the hunt for bargains.
  3. When the client has too many stipulations. These are the ones that want to reword your contracts and restructure your workflow.
  4. When the client doesn’t hear you. They are insistent on their way.

3 Ways to tell when you should go for it:

  1. When the client asks you quality questions. You’ll know right away if they’ve researched your offerings and done their homework just from the depth of their questions.
  2. They keep coming back. This gives you more opportunities to share the benefits of your offerings when they do.
  3. When taking on the client becomes a long-term lucrative relationship. Meaning it goes beyond the sale when they become a referral engine providing you with a steady stream of warm leads.

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