Growth Strategies

Learn the best techniques and action steps to grow your business.

Get Your Marketing Playbook = $300
(90-minute session by phone or video)

In this session we will do a deep dive into your business, analyzing your current marketing and promotion strategies, the products/services you offer, trends in your industry, and recent results compared to your goals.

This honest review will help us get to the bottom of any disconnects, challenges, and untapped resources getting in the way. From there we will work with you on developing the best plan to meet or exceed your business goals. As a result, you will be provided with a Marketing Playbook outlining the new strategies to help you thrive and succeed.

Grow With Email Marketing = $180
(60-minute session by phone or video)

You may reach lots of people through social media, but these platforms will never give you their direct contact information to personally connect. That’s why having your own email list is so important.

This session will help you learn how to grow your list using Constant Contact. This powerful all-in-one digital platform allows you to send professional-grade email campaigns to your audience that can encourage action.

We will walk you through the key features this platform has to offer:

  • Hundreds of email templates
  • Sign-up forms to grow your list
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all at once
  • Integrations with popular tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, Canva, and Etsy
  • Engagement reporting (i.e. views, clicks, etc)

Receive a special offer once you complete this session.

Also, learn about enhanced features:

  • Automated communications (i.e. resend to non-openers)
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Additional list growth tools like text-to-join and Google ads

Google Listing Setup = $270
(90-minute session by phone or video)

Google listing

Do you know how your business is listed in Google search results? If you answered no or not sure, you’re at the right session.

Ensuring your Google listing has all the right info is critical to potential customers connecting with you. Don’t let a bad listing (or no listing at all) lose sales. In this session, we will walk you through setting up your listing the right way:

  • Learn what information to list 
  • How to add your products and services (and sell from your listing!)
  • How to add photos and video
  • Adding company updates, special offers, and events
  • How to respond to reviews and customer comments