The Blue Sky Effect

The Blue Sky Effect

I love it up here! Suspended in air. Above the clouds. The calm. Even the mild turbulence is somehow comforting to me. It’s one of my happy places.

Ever notice how once you reach a certain altitude the sky is always blue? And endless? It makes me think of possibilities.

Back down on earth as life happens, complicated situations emerge, and doubt creeps into brainstorming sessions, I’m reminded of those blue skies.

  • When faced with a deadlocked consensus in meetings, stepping back to view the problem from an unconventional perspective could lead to a resolution.

  • Trying to wrangle differing opinions to agree on any one thing could become a circus act. But making the effort to find the common thread that knits them all together will be the key to a cohesive plan forward.

  • When the mountain of obstacles to achieving a goal reach Mt. Everest status, digging in deeper to think creatively could trigger out-of-the-box ideas on how to maneuver around them.

Having the will and desire to see things from a Blue Sky perspective takes work but making it a habit can drastically change your outlook for the better.

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