Selling without Selling

Selling Without Selling

Educating your customers while creating demand

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a car dealership. You mentally prepare yourself to be confronted by a salesperson from the parking lot. In some cases, you can see them swarming around you trying to work their mojo.

From the sales manager, finance manager to the assistants, it’s not always the most comfortable feeling. By the end of the deal when you drive off, you may have second thoughts on if you made the best decision. You shouldn’t have to feel that way after making such a major investment.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want your clients to experience buyer’s remorse either, nor for you to second guess if you’ve pushed too hard. So when it comes to selling your products and services, you can change the game while growing a loyal customer base.

Match your solutions to your clients’ problems

If you lead with exactly how your resources will solve specific problems your clients are having, you get their attention right away.

Walk them through at least one of your solutions and detail all the ways it will eliminate their stumbling blocks. Follow it up with other benefits they’ll get by working with you. This helps them see you as a subject matter expert.

Speaking of benefits

Who knows better than you about all that your resources can do for your clients? Help them to understand the benefits your solution offers and how they go beyond what your competitors offer. Demand for your solution will start to form.

Let price be the last thing you mention

After walking them through your solutions and they understand how it benefits them, they should be at a place where they can’t see moving forward without it. Introducing price now should be nothing more than a formality as they come to see it’s a much-needed investment.

Creating FOMO doesn’t hurt either (Fear of Missing Out)

You don’t mind if the client needs to look things over more closely, but you also want to move them down the funnel. Create a sense of urgency by setting time limits on your offers. After a fair amount of time, they should be able to come to a decision.

Ahh, a painless sale

By this time the client should feel good about their investment. You feel good not only because you made a sale but because you’ve gained a loyal customer.

Over time, a loyal customer’s value multiplies for you when they become your brand ambassadors, and that’s where your clients become your investment.

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