Risk taking, jumps, and leaps

Risk-Taking, Jumps, and Leaps

“The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” At some point in life, we’ll all hear this statement. Easily said from the ‘armchair experts’ that casually let it roll off their tongues, oftentimes knowing very little about YOUR situations.

Yes, there are times we should free ourselves from the chains of self-doubt, fear, and even mediocrity. But there are also legitimate times when the paradigm shifts in our lives should be strategically approached.

With the cloak of quarantine living starting to melt away, my husband and I decided it was time to dust off our passports and get out of the country for a break. We landed on one of the most pristine and exclusive islands of the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos.

Each day from our balcony, we could see these parasails float by, almost beckoning us to come out and play. Well, it worked, for my husband at least. I wasn’t so sure, but his excitement and enthusiasm for trying it made me reconsider.

The day leading up to it in my mind I went through an entire pros and cons list, along with the possibilities of “what-ifs”. Pro- I accomplish a bucket list item. Con- I could die doing it. What if- the parasail breaks from the wind. BUT, what if it doesn’t?

What if it doesn’t? Where did that come from? Suddenly, I was overtaken by a burst of positive energy that found a rational conclusion for doing this. The next day I found myself strapped up on a high speeding boat headed to the middle of the bay. Before take off my husband looked at me and said “we’re doing this!” I replied “we’re doing this” too.

Within five seconds we were catapulted 400 feet up above sea level. Pictures can’t even capture how majestic the view is from that height. Beauty beyond what words can describe. I’m so glad I took the leap to do this. It’s radically changed my outlook on life and the way I will approach business dealings. Which made me think of risk-taking, jumps, and leaps.

Making major moves does involve taking risks. Weigh your options, go through your pros and cons list, and the what-ifs. But also try this. Reach deep down inside to ask yourself “what if you don’t?” You may be pleasantly surprised to find the list you come up with for this could springboard you forward. Risk will always be a factor, but not moving forward could paralyze you from achieving your ultimate goals.

Some moves are leaps. Some are jumps. Either could be the best for your situation. Only you will know. Just don’t stand still! You owe it to yourself to make your vision come true.

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