How To Increase Your Social Stats In One Weekend

It’s a Friday. Another week down (Yayy!) Getting ready for the weekend? I’m sure plans can range from hanging out with friends, to quiet time at home, and everything in between. With all of the folks you’ll probably connect with, do they all follow you on social media? 

Often times we’re connected to lots of people, say on Facebook- and for years. But when you look at the numbers on your company’s, ministry’s, side business’s or organization’s page, the numbers are far fewer. Well, let’s change that before Monday!

Quick & Easy Steps to Grow Your Followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

1. Facebook– From your company’s or organization’s Facebook business page click the dropdown underneath your main cover image and select “Invite Friends”. Select your friends from the list and click the “Send Invites” button at the bottom. Easy-Peasy right?

2. Need more Twitter followers? Cross promote on Facebook! Shameless Self Promotion is what I call it, but it really works. Life happens in the News Feeds of your Facebook profile, so jump in. Set up a post with your Twitter link and @handle, add some encouraging words to invite your readers to click and follow you there, then post it. Oh, you’re cooking with gas now!

3. Calling all Instagrammers – If your company is on Instagram, you’re already using a smart device (phone or tablet) and oftentimes texting is a major part of the way you communicate. Use it to your advantage. Send a text to a group of your regular texting buddies with your Instagram @handle asking them to follow you. You’ve often liked or commented on their Instagram pics so you know they’re using the app. Encourage them to show you some love back.

4. Not forgetting about Pinterest – Add a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button or widget to your organization’s website. You can also add the ‘Pin It’ button to key visual elements of your site too for readers to add to their boards. You can also get a boost by cross promoting on Facebook & Twitter as well.

I challenge you to try at least a couple of these tips and see a difference by Monday.

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