NEW PACKAGES! Get a better understanding of the marketing strategies that work to grow your business with private coaching sessions from our Chief Marketing Strategist Beverly Brister. A 20+ year veteran of digital & traditional marketing.

All sessions are held virtually through Zoom unless otherwise stated.

Free Discovery Call
(25-minute Zoom session)

We know that running a business is not easy. Sometimes help is needed to bring clarity to your vision. During this brief session, we can find out more about your business and your pain points to determine next steps. You may discover you’re a good fit for one of our other coaching sessions to help you work towards better results.

Finding Your Audience $200
(90-minute Zoom session)

You have the right products and the perfect solutions. Now all you need is to find the customers. This session will help you identify the right people that need your products and will benefit from your solutions. We’ll explore your product/service offerings and help you to market them in a way that attracts the right people. Then we’ll help you discover where to look for them. You will receive a summary sheet detailing the process.

Audience Growth Through Email Marketing $150
(60-minute Zoom session)

You may reach lots of people through social media, but these platforms will never give you their email addresses to personally connect. That’s why having your own email list is so important. This session will help you learn how to grow your list using Constant Contact to harness the power and money that could be obtained. We will walk you through the key features this all-in-one platform has to offer:

  • Professional design templates
  • List management
  • Landing pages
  • Sign-up forms
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media posting & management
  • Event marketing
  • Detailed reporting

Receive a special offer once you complete this session.

Refocus, Regroup, and Reset: Business Strategies $350
(90-minute Zoom session)

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to your business? No matter what new things you implement, they’re not yielding the results you intend. It might be time for a reset. This session will help you get back on track. We will do a deep dive into your current practices and analyze your action steps allowing us to get to the crux of the disconnect. From there we will work with you on implementing the right plan of action to meet your business goals. As a result, you will be provided with a business playbook outlining the new strategy and steps to achieve your business goals.

Google Profile Setup (Formerly called Google My Business) $200
(90-minute Zoom session)

Do you know how your business is listed in Google search results? If you answered no or not sure, you’re at the right session. Ensuring your Google listing has all the right info is critical to potential customers connecting with you. Don’t let a bad listing (or no listing at all) lose sales. In this session, we will walk you through setting up your listing the right way. You will learn: 

  • What information to list 
  • How to add your products and services
  • How to add photos and video
  • Adding company updates, special offers, and events
  • How to respond to reviews and customer requests

Accountability Call $49
(30-minute Zoom or phone call)

These calls are used as follow-up sessions to any of our coaching packages. They allow us to “check in” to see how well you are doing implementing your new strategies and answer any questions you have to help you stay focused.

Set of 3 Accountability Calls
Specially priced at $125
(Three 30-minute Zooms or phone calls)

Save $22 when you purchase a set of 3 accountability calls.