How a Facebook Sweepstakes Can Help Grow Your Business

Did You Know You Can Run a Sweepstakes on Facebook?

Looking for ways to generate results while keeping your audience engaged can be a daunting task for small businesses at times. Even more so when it comes to online marketing. Gaining that edge over the competition will call for ‘thinking outside the box’ infused with social media tools at your fingertips.

5 Steps to Success with a Facebook Sweepstakes:

  1. Set a goal. Think about what you would like to accomplish and how you’ll measure your success. From there you build your entire sweepstakes around that goal. (i.e. gaining more fans, gaming growing your email list, increasing foot traffic, etc.)

  2. Figure out what to offer. Remember, sweepstakes may be exciting, but it won’t matter unless you offer something worth winning. Make sure it’s in tuned to what your audience is looking for.
  3. Create an offer and landing page. Setting up a professional-looking offer and landing page is integral to having success with Facebook sweepstakes. Plus it’s the only way to run a contest on Facebook without violating their Terms of Service. Social Campaigns from Constant Contact makes it easy to create a landing page for those who are not yet fans by asking them to click “Like” to enter your contest. Then you can create a reveal page where fans submit their LoL email addresses.
  4. Promote the sweepstakes. The value in a sweepstakes is the buzz it can generate amongst your fans. But get the word out early and often. Frequently post about it on Facebook, and tie in your other social networks and email campaigns. Remember to link directly to your sweepstakes app in all of your promotions, making it quick and easy for your audience to enter.
  5. Announce the winner and track your results. Wheww! You’ve done it! Now that you have your audience captive, announce the winner and deliver their prize. Afterwards take time out to measure your success. With league of legends Social Campaigns, you get to see valuable reporting metrics such as audience growth, click-throughs, and social shares. All the tools to judge the ROI of your campaign (Return on Investment).
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