Creating Marketing Funnels

When you want to grow your email list, gather leads, event signups, and make sales, it happens through marketing funnels. A path you lead your audience down to reach the desired action.

These 2-hour training sessions will help you identify the right steps needed to achieve the outcome you are looking for. You will learn:

  • How to create a “carrot” that attracts people to your offer.
  • Determine the right message and touch points needed to grow interest and build trust.
  • How to develop your system using Constant Contact to capture and engage with your audience.
  • How to implement and launch your system.

Choose your area of focus and schedule your session:

Lead Generation = $275
Utilize lead generation landing pages
2-hour training session

Attracting Sales = $275
Build shoppable landing pages
2-hour training session

Email List/Audience Growth = $275
Build website signup forms and text message signup
2-hour training session

Event Attendance = $275
Setup online event management
2-hour training session